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NEA steps up pressure on Congress to pass common sense immigration reform bill

NEA’s Rocío Inclán among 105 women arrested at civil disobedience event on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, DC - September 12, 2013 -

NEA participated today in a civil disobedience event in Washington D.C. as part of a national movement to remind Congress and the American people that the real face of the immigration reform debate are women and children. NEA’s Director of Human and Civil Rights, former teacher Rocío Inclán, joined dozens of women and children, progressive, civic and labor leaders at the event as part of the Association’s sustained effort to urge lawmakers to pass common sense immigration reform. The event included the largest number of undocumented immigrant women to date who willingly submitted to arrest. Hundreds of additional supporters stood witness for the group and called on the House to match their courage by passing immigration reform.

NEA, the nation’s largest union with more than 3 million members, has been leading the way, taking a stand for students and families. Inclán was arrested at the civil disobedience event and issued the following statement:

“Our collective action today is meant to send an urgent message to Congress that the time is now to pass common sense immigration reform. Every day, educators are on the front lines facing the trauma caused by our nation’s broken immigration system—families living in the shadows of society as second class citizens, families torn apart by inhumane deportations, and, sadly, the unfulfilled dreams of our young, aspiring Americans.

“Today, I stood up because as an educator I have a moral responsibility to speak up for our students, their families and for educators. If not now, when? If not us, mothers, daughters, and educators, then who? We cannot build a prosperous country with a strong public education system when children and families do not know what tomorrow will bring. Courage to me is those educators and families who get up every day, roll up their sleeves and go to work and school in spite of this burden to seek the American dream and build a better country.

“The good news is that after years of waiting in the shadows of society, millions of aspiring new Americas are a step closer to reaching the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the bipartisan work of the U.S. Senate. Now, the U.S. House of Representatives holds the key to open the door wide open for these aspiring new Americans. They can make or break their American dreams. We urge the Republican leaders to do what is right and just and follow in the footsteps of the Senate to swiftly pass immigration reform.”

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