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5 Ways to Get Common Core Right

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The Common Core Standards have the potential to offer every student, no matter where they live, the same high academic standards that will help them all graduate with the required level of knowledge and skills for college and career. However, proper implementation and the creation of fair, appropriate assessments is critical to success.

NEA encourages parents and community leaders to collaborate with us and be informed advocates so all kids can benefit from the opportunity presented by the Common Core State Standards. Join us by calling on your elected officials and policymakers to commit to the following five actions:

  1. Develop implementation plans to transition to common core state standards and better assessments. These plans must be fair to students and understandable to families.
  2. Implementation Advisory Committees must include the voices of students, parents, and educators.
  3. States and districts must provide flexibility during the two-year transition until CCSS aligned assessments become available so students can focus on learning and educators can focus on real teaching rather than focusing on the high-stakes consequences of current tests that may not be aligned to the standards.
  4. States should modify their accountability systems to include multiple, appropriate and valid measures of student learning rather than solely focusing on high-stakes standardized tests.
  5. All educators must have the time and tools they need to strengthen their instruction.


Demand a plan! Contact your local school boards and elected officials to make sure they will get the Common Core right so that all of our students can rise to the standard of academic excellence.


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