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Summer 2013

Cover Story

Five Zip Codes
This month’s cover story marks the beginning of a series that will take NEA Today readers to ZIP codes across the nation for a look at how location impacts public education.

Editor’s Note

President's Viewpoint

Feature Stories

Student Cliques

You probably know about nerds, geeks, and jocks. But what about hipsters, emos, and scenters? Learn about the cliques children form today, how they can lead to bullying and how you can help students look beyond the categories.

Charter Schools

NEA Steps Up Organizing Efforts in Non-Union Charter Schools
NEA representation is helping charter school educators have a greater say, which creates greater success for students.

Retired Educators

Back to School After School
Some serve as substitute teachers. Others volunteer. Across the nation, retired educators are going back into schools across the nation, and continuing to make a difference.

Raise Your Hand!

Educators Lead the Way
Delegates to the NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly approved an assessment that will generate more than $6 million in new resources to help boost student success.

Oklahoma Tornado

Rising from the Rubble
When a 200-mile-per-hour wind destroyed Moore, Oklahoma, in May, educators from across the nation rushed in to help, providing learning centers, supplies, and support. 

This is Your Association

Why I’m a Member

What I’ve Learned as a Peer Coach with New Teachers

ESP: Start of a Living Wage Campaign


Why I Go the Extra Mile

Federal Investment Critical as preK Access Gap Grows

Jeff Charbonneau Honored at White House 

School Garden Helps Fight Obesity 

Common Core Assessments Must Be Used to Guide—Not Punish—Teachers 

 What ‘Flipped’ Classrooms Can (and Can’t) Do for Education


Creative Classrooms on a Budget

Equipment and Supplies

Disappearing Pencils 

Tidy, Cost-Effective Glue Usage 

Homework Bingo

Egg Carton Multiplication

Hall Passes:

Hall Passes by Students

Duplicate Passes

Disruptive Honors Students

Need help with a classroom management challenge? Kate Ortiz, a teacher and classroom management expert, will respond within 24 hours to your question posted online.


NEA Foundation Grants

NEA Academy

NEA Health Information Network

Bring Calm to Your Classroom

NEA Student Program

The NEA Bullying Prevention Kit

American Education Week

Early Learning for Children

NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

Priority Schools Campaign


Free Things



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