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ESP Resources and Tools


Clerical Services/Administrative ESPs Bullying Prevention (PDF)
Administrative staff hear bullying reports from students as well as parents, and are in a good position to intervene.


Food Services ESPs and Bullying Prevention (PDF)
School cafeterias a common location for bullying, and it is an area ripe for bullying prevention and intervention, where staff can curb bullying and promote a positive school climate.


Paraeducators and Student-to-Student Bullying (PDF)
How paraeducators (teaching assistants, teacher aides, paraprofessionals, paras), who are often more likely than teachers to be in a position to witness bullying and intervene in bullying situations, can deal with bullying situations.


Bus Drivers and Bullying Prevention (PDF)
Practical tips about what bus drivers can do to prevent or intervene in bullying situations.

Take the Pledge:

Take the pledge to change school climate and let’s make our schools Bully Free!

Bully Free Resources for ESPs

Click here for more bullying resources.