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Tomorrow’s Teachers 2012


NEA Student Members and students at McGary Middle School in Evansville, Indiana, break ground for an outdoor learning space.
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Editor's Note: A Call to Action  
NEA Student Program Chairperson Tommie Leaders issues a call to action during this crucial election year.

The NEA Student Program Core Values 


Classroom Setups that Work 
Say goodbye to old school setups, hello to arrangements that foster student learning. 

Classroom Disrupters  
Practical tools for identifying and dealing with students whose behavior can derail your teaching and your students’ learning.

Classroom Superheroes  
With the fate of the nation’s students in the balance, you defeat those who would destroy public education and leap over obstacles to learning with a single bound...
Paul Hernandez  
Ranada Young  
Vincent Pompei    
Sedrick Ward  
Cassie Brown  
Florence Avognon 

State Affiliate Defense 
NEA State Affiliates stay on the front lines in the fight against legislation that threatens public schools and middle-class families.

Future Teachers Stand Strong Against Voter Suppression Tactics 
NEA student members carve time from busy schedules to help ensure that citizens get to exercise their right to vote.

Priority Schools Campaign: Support Where It’s Needed Most  
Student members are pitching in to help struggling schools.


Leading the Profession 
Student members get their hands dirty in a show of dedication to their profession.



Statistics for Survival  
Quick Clicks 
Benefits of Membership 
Student Advisory Committee



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