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  • Environmental Ed Shines at 2011 Solar Decathlon
    Thousands of public school children descend on the Solar Village in Washington, D.C. to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive.
  • NEA Hosts the First Summit on Environmental Education
    NEA and the Ecological Society of America co-sponsor a summit attracting scholars from around the world, including acclaimed polar explorer Will Steger. 
  • Waterworld
    Philippe Cousteau, Jr., a partner of NEA’s “Green Across America”, explores the importance of engaging school-aged students to navigate the fight to save the planet. 
  • Teachers Go Green to Get Green
    NEA Foundation's “green grant” program inspires a middle school curriculum to incorporate conservation, community service, and academics.


Making the Connection
Service-learning links curriculum to the real world, including how students in one community cleaned up the "technotrash" littering local homes AND waterways!

NEA Presents Green Grant to Pinewood Elementary
How a Maryland elementary school's green vision earned NEA's first Green Across America Grant.

Living Green Without Spending It
How you can be environmentally friendly and frugal - even on a teacher's salary.

10 Ways to Go Green
Saving the Earth can start in the classroom, and students and teachers team up to show you 10 ways to get started!