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Conference Focuses on Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Students and Families

NEA and the California Teacher Association (CTA) caucuses advancing Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) issues held a conference in San Francisco April 9-11 to hear from experts and explore the reauthorization of  the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, NEA’s Priority Schools program, adequate and equitable school funding, media and minority community outreach, increasing political participation, AAPI women in leadership and other important education issues. 

The conference was co-sponsored by the National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education.   

Pictured are:   Rebecca Harper, Treasurer, CTA  Pacific Asian American Caucus (CTA PAAC); Cliff Kusaba, Vice Chair, CTA PAAC; Dixie Johansen, Chair of the NEA Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus (APIC) and CTA PAAC;  John Tsuchida, President, National Association for Asian Pacific American Education (NAAPAE); Betty Jeung (NEA), Vice President, NAAPAE; and Chris Kakimi, Secretary, CTA PAAC.