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NEA Earns Distinguished Energy Star Rating

By Sara Robertson

NEA has reached an important environmental goal and added a distinguished new plaque to its exterior. NEA’s Washington, D.C., headquarters was awarded an Energy Star rating this month from the Environmental Protection Agency after several years of energy savings and strategic enhancements. 

With the support of Executive Director John Wilson and CFO Michael McPherson, NEA’s Facility Services staff planned and implemented a long-term process to make multiple changes to substantially reduce NEA’s carbon footprint and save on utility costs. 

Those improvements included replacing inefficient equipment, changing out incandescent lights with fluorescent lights, implementing water saving measures, and working with all of the building’s staff to reduce electrical usage in their offices. 

“The money we save from our energy bill can be used for other activities that will benefit our members,” says Facilities Manager Kenneth Farrell. “NEA has joined an elite group that is promoting energy efficiency to create a strong economy, greener communities, and a healthier environment. 

NEA’s next goals are to increase the Energy Star rating and achieve the prestigious “Green Building” certification, which is a rigorous process judged by the US Green Building Council.

“NEA presents a good example for public school buildings and better environment for the students,” adds Farrell.