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Alabama Education Association Takes Lead in Helping Struggling Schools

In July 2001, the Alabama State Board of Education slated seven schools for state takeover -- for some of the schools, it wasn't the first time. The Alabama Education Association, which believes all students deserve a quality public education, responded by launching an innovative pilot program focused on turning the schools around and helping their students make academic progress.

In collaboration with the Alabama State Department of Education, the Alabama Parent Teachers Association, Alabama School Board, classroom teachers and administrators, AEA developed an intensive training program for representatives from the seven schools. A three-and-a-half-day training conference was held that July, where participants received professional development, instructional and leadership training, and opportunities to share best practices.

By the end of the next school year, all seven schools had moved from "academic alert," the lowest rating under Alabama's classification of schools, to "academic clear," its highest rating. 


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