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Tomorrow’s Teacher: 2010


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    The NEA President and NEA Student Program Chair talk about being a new teacher and staying inspired.

Your First Year Teaching

Landing Your First Job
Here are six steps that could make the difference.

Establishing Authority in the Classroom
Hands on the wheel—you're in the driver's seat now!

Working Well with Parents
Connecting with students' families takes creativity and flexibility.

The Voice of Experience
NEA-Retired educators share their best advice for new teachers.

Starting out Subbing
What to expect if you start your career as a substitute teacher.

The Teaching Life

Social Networking Nightmares
Don't let your online persona wreck your career.

Make the Most of Your Mentor
New teachers share ideas for building great mentoring relationships.

Why I Want To Be an Educator
Your peers muse on purpose, dedication, and the need for great teachers.

Germs! Germs! Go Away!
How do you avoid getting sick when you're surrounded by germs?

Beginner's Pluck
New teachers blog their fear and triumph.

NEA News

On the Hill
Learn how you can influence education policy.

Outreach to Teach
There's no generation gap in sight when Student and Retired Members team up to refurbish schools in need.

Outreach to Teach--The Oklahoma Way
Every year, state Student Associations carry out the important work of Outreach to Teach in their own backyards.

Retail Offenders
Every dollar you spend can work for you or against you.

Growing Good Works
You’ve got big ideas about how you can make a difference for your chapter and your community—and NEA has grants to help support them.

Career Resources

Great Reads
Check out these picks from NEA's Professional Library.

State Stats
Our annual survey of the education landscape.

Quick Clicks
Online tools and resources for new teachers.

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