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NEA Policy Guides and Resources

  • Closing Achievement Gaps: An Association Guide (PDF, 744KB, 110pp)
    A guide on policy, practice, and programs to assist NEA affiliates in addressing achievement gaps at the state level.
  • Full-Day Kindergarten: An Advocacy Guide (2006)
    Full-day kindergarten is an essential bridge between pre-k and the primary grades. NEA believes that full-day kindergarten is a critical component of closing the achievement gaps for young children from non-English speaking and low-income families.
  • NEA on Prekindergarten and Kindergarten (2004) (PDF, 748KB, 16pp)
    NEA believes that all children ages three and four should have access to prekindergarten programs that are high quality, universal and publicly funded. Research shows that a child exposed to good preschool programs before age five will reap lifetime benefits. Quality preschool also increases the chances of a student doing better in early grades, closing the achievement gap and graduating from high school.
  • NEA's 12-Point Action Plan for Reducing the School Dropout Rate 
    NEA has a 12-point plan that incorporates the most promising actions supported by experience and data.
  • Preventing Future High School Dropouts (November 2008)
    A resource for affiliates in addressing policies, programs, and practices in preventing students from dropping out of school.
  • State Legislative Successes (June 2007)
    Brief stories of nine NEA state affiliates that have secured public policies and associated funding for closing the achievement gaps in 2006-2007, seven of them with help from an NEA Grant to Close Achievement Gaps, which was made available to interested states.