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NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen Featured in National Publication

NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen is featured in the September edition of Parenting School Years, the new edition of Parenting magazine that provides information to mothers of school-age children. The national magazine has run a four-page feature on No Child Left Behind, its promises and unintended consequences. The article is titled "Time to Settle the Score," and is featured in the publication that hit the stands on August 18.

Eskelsen is quoted throughout the article, insisting that parents can be powerful advocates for change. “No one’s going to question that they want what’s best for their kid. That’s because a parent has only one constituent,” Eskelsen said. She is an Advisory Board Member for Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress, an initiative to connect moms advocating for education reform.

The article says NCLB needs a serious overhaul and details a wish list of changes. They include fully funding the law, allowing greater flexibility and allowing teachers to be the best that they can be by providing quality professional development.

Article Excerpt:
After all, the teachers we all remember fondly probably weren’t the ones with the fanciest qualifications but those who were engaging, rigorous, and compassionate. Yet today, many of those educators feel forced to break the rules in order to give their classes everything they deserve.  As the NEA’s Eskelsen puts it, “When it’s a rebelious act to be a good teacher, something’s wrong.”

How to Get Involved in Mom Congress:
You can share information about the Mom Congress with mothers as their children head back to school this fall. Mom Congress is an opportunity to extend parental involvement from the classroom to an online community.

Mom Congress gives moms the opportunity to:
• CONNECT with other moms advocating for positive change in our nation’s schools
• LEARN from leaders in education about the easiest and most effective ways to make a difference
• SHARE success stories with other moms of school-age kids in the pages of Parenting School Years
• WIN one of 10 scholarships for a weekend course in education and advocacy from Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies.

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