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Reps Weigh In On Health Care Taxation

By Brian Washington

Representative Scott Murphy (D-New York) is sounding off on the health care debate.

Murphy, who just took his congressional seat in late April after defeating Republican Jim Tedisco, recently discussed with Politico whether it’s worth voting for a tax increase to get health care reform.

“There are a number of things in the plan that are going to save money, but we can do a lot more to figure out how to pay for this before we turn to cash-strapped New Yorkers, who are hard hit already, and ask for more of their tax dollars,” said Murphy. “We need to have real reform before we turn to taxes.”

More than 48 million Americans—including 9 million children—have no health coverage. And with the economy in its current downturn the situation is expected to get worse with more people losing their coverage.

The National Education Association supports health care reform that ensures that every person in America has quality, affordable health care coverage. The Association opposes health care proposals that would tax employer-provided health benefits. NEA also supports a choice of plans and providers—both public and private.  

Meanwhile, Representative Eric Massa (D-New York) wants to see health care reform include a public plan. Massa has reportedly joined a group of about 50 progressive lawmakers who have all agreed to vote against any bill that did not meet certain criteria for a public option.

NEA is encouraging its members and supporters to keep up the pressure and continue to urge their congressional representative to support health care reform that ensures quality, affordable coverage without taxing health benefits.


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