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- A report on a study of undergraduate students at the Newark campus of Ohio State University, presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, provides a fresh look at students who cheat and, more importantly according to the authors, those who don't.

Students who said they had not cheated in the past month or year and had no plans to cheat in the future also scored highest on tests measuring qualities like courage, empathy, and honesty and were less likely to believe that their peers had cheated.

Students who scored lower on measurements of courage, empathy, and honesty were more likely to report having cheated, and to believe that other students cheated more often than they themselves did.

The numbers: of the 450 students surveyed, 47 percent said they did not plan to cheat in the future, while 24 percent agreed or strongly agreed that they would.

For the undecided 29 percent, the authors recommend positive psychology instead of Turnitin. More at

- A fact sheet from the AFL-CIO Department for Professional Employees, Salaried and Professional Women: Relevant Statistics, notes that women have been earning more bachelor's degrees than men since 1982 and more master's degrees since 1981. In addition, this year women are projected to earn 52 percent of all first professional degrees and almost 49 percent of all doctorates. Taken together, women will earn 59 percent of all postsecondary degrees in 2008.

But those advanced degrees don’t translate into better pay. In 2005, full-time women workers who graduated high school earned 34 percent less than men with similar degrees. Women with bachelor’s degrees earned 31 percent less. Those with a master's degree were paid 32 percent less and those with doctorates received about 30 percent less. The fact sheet is available here.

Faculty & Staff

- Non-faculty staff at Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) have voted for union representation with New York State United Teachers, a joint affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers and NEA. The National Labor Relations Board certified results of the vote on June 9.

MMC staff first petitioned the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for representation back in September 2006, but employer-initiated delays resulted in the election not being held until March of this year. When the votes were finally counted on May 30, staff voted 65-27 in favor of NYSUT.

- The Ph.D. Project, founded in 1994 with the goal of bringing more Blacks and other minorities into the faculty ranks in the nation’s business schools, has been a remarkable success story. Since the project’s inception, the number of minority professors at U.S. business schools has more than tripled from 294 to 903. More here.

Professional News

- The Bologna Club: What U.S. Higher Education Can Learn from a Decade of European Reconstruction, a report from the Institute of Higher Education Policy (IHEP) says the harmonization of higher education in Europe through the Bologna Process “has sufficient momentum to become the dominant global model of higher education within two decades.”

The Bologna Process, begun in 1999, aims to create a Europe-wide higher education area in which undergraduate education is easily comparable across the continent. The process ensures that the skills that will qualify students for particular degrees are specified. It is “extraordinarily relevant to the accountability challenges that face US higher education,” said Clifford Adelman, the report's author. “These road signs are sorely lacking now in the US."

Download the IHEP PDF report

Read more on the Bologna Process

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