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Job Descriptions For NCHE Executive Committee

Job Descriptions For NCHE Executive Committee

Vice President
Membership Chair
All Executive Committee Members

President (two-year term)

Vice President (two-year term)

Secretary/Treasurer (two-year term)

Membership Chair (two-year term)

All Executive Committee Members (including officers and Membership Chair)

Other duties as assigned by the President

NCHE Executive Committee members are reimbursed for expenses associated with attending their NEA Regional Leadership Conference, the NCHE Regular Annual Meeting just prior to the NEA Higher Education Conference, and NCHE meetings associated with the NEA RA up to an amount of $750 for each meeting, provided that no other funding sources can be obtained and money is available in the NCHE budget.

Officers and Executive Committee members are encouraged to solicit state and local funding for travel whenever possible. Other limited funds are sometimes available to supplement the NCHE allotment when no other funds are available to the Committee member.