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ESPs Deserve a Living Wage


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    Top 10 strategies from NEA state affiliates that have recently engaged in salary campaigns.
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    Report provides background on living wage campaigns and NEA's involvement with these efforts.
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    In non-bargaining Colorado, a wall-to-wall local stands strong.
Education support professionals (ESPs) keep school buildings and equipment functioning and students safe and healthy. As committed and caring members of a school community, they impact the lives of students every day.

Yet support professionals are woefully underpaid, often barely able to afford to live in the communities they serve. In many parts of the country, school support professionals work two or even three jobs to feed and shelter their families, or earn so little that they qualify for government assistance.

Through its nationwide salary initiative, NEA is pushing for a minimum starting salary of $28,000 for all education support professionals.


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Why Money Matters
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