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NEA on Head Start: Protect and Expand

Children's learning begins well before they enter school. With the increasing emphasis on high standards, it is critical that the transition to school be founded on strong school readiness. NEA supports Head Start because it maintains high quality classrooms and teachers, and effectively prepares our nation's most at-risk children for school. 

  • NEA opposes allowing recipients of Head Start funds to discriminate on the basis of religion in their hiring.
  • NEA supports moving toward full funding of Head Start. Despite its importance in helping children start school ready to learn, Head Start remains significantly underfunded. As a result, it serves only 60 percent of eligible children.
  • NEA opposes giving Head Start funds to states in the form of block grants. Block grant funding does not require states to provide the high quality service that children at risk need to achieve in school.
  • NEA supports increasing funding for the professional development of early childhood educators.

 NEA needs your help on this issue.

Tell your U.S. Senators and Representative: Protect Head Start's high standards — reject block grants, inappropriate testing of young children and discrimination; increase funding to serve all eligible children.