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The ESP E-mail List

What is the ESP List?

"ESP" is an automated e-mail list (also known as a "listserv") open to all NEA members and staff of NEA and its affiliates. List members use the list to engage in community conversations around issues that concern education support professionals within the NEA, including contracting out, bargaining problems, training needs, and questions about how to improve and strengthen the Association.

If you are an NEA member or staff, the easiest way to subscribe to the ESP List is to use the simple form below. All information fields are required — this will help us verify your membership so that we may approve your subscription.

Using the ESP List

stampsOnce you become an ESP list member, if you have a question you want to ask or information you would like to share, all you need to do is to send an E-mail to ESP@LIST.NEA.ORG. Your message will automatically be sent to all of the ESP list members.

If you have a problem with the list, want to unsubscribe, change your E-mail address, or modify some other aspect of your list status, DO NOT send a message to the list. Instead, contact a list administrator at this address:

For more information about using the ESP list and other listserv lists, go to FAQ's about the ESP List, where we have assembled answers to some of the most common questions list users have.


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