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Save the Indian, Save the Child
For these Arapaho and Shoshone students, learning their ancient traditions may be key to their future success.

Pioneer Spirit
As small schools across the Northern Plains consolidate, a town fights to preserve its rural, two-room schoolhouse.

Minimally Adequate?
A judge says South Carolina’s rural schools meet the constitutional requirement. Student photographers prove him wrong.
What’s "minimally adequate" for educating South Carolina’s children? The state’s Supreme Court has ruled that the onstitution mandates a "minimally adequate" education. Forty districts have sued, saying the state’s school funding system doesn’t pass muster.

House Leaders Agree to One-year Extension of Payments
U.S. House leaders agreed March 8 to a temporary extension of a federal program that provides hundreds of millions of dollars a year to rural Oregon counties.

Victory! Congress Reauthorizes Rural Schools Program
In a major victory for NEA and our allies, Congress reauthorized and funded the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act through fiscal year 2011. The program, which provides guaranteed funding to counties impacted by federal forest lands, had previously expired, leaving 4,400 schools in 42 states facing staff layoffs and curtailment of services.  The reauthorization will make a real difference for these rural schools and communities.

The Rural School and Community Trust February Newsletter
The Rural School and Community Trust has released the February edition of their newsletter. This edition features articles on subject integration and the Rural Education Working Group.