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NEA Urban Grants

Programs for PreK-12/Graduate School Faculty & Education Support Professionals in Urban Locals

Deadline: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NEA’s Urban Grants support development of large local NEA affiliates representing pre-K-12 educators, higher education faculty, and education support professionals. This grant funding is intended for projects that increase membership recruitment and involvement, build Association capacity, issue organizing and organizing and engage communities. Urban Grants, administered by the NEA Center for Organizing, will be awarded for programs that align with the NEA Strategic Plan:

  • Membership Organizing: Projects involving targeted campaigns to develop strategies formembership growth, organizing culture, and sustainability.
  • Young Member Engagement: Projects that implement strategies to support younger educators in the transition from Student to active involvement in the Association, identify and address the motivations of newer educators, and develop innovative approaches to engagement.
  • Leadership Development: Projects including, but not limited to, building internal capacity to cultivate an organizing culture among staff and leaders; and developing strategies to identify emerging leaders. Projects that engage new member-leaders at the worksite or local Association level (examples: creating Building Association Teams; worksite organizing teams, or an Association Organizing Committee).
  • Community Outreach Engagement: Projects increasing advocacy and outreach to underrepresented communities, advancing community awareness, and engaging in collaborative partnerships. Community-parent engagement might be creating a committee for parent outreach around education issues (lower class size, implementation of Common Core Standards or evaluation systems).
  • Enhance Public Education: Projects that promote strategies designed to enhance public education and assist affiliates in fending off attacks to member rights.

Amount: The grant amount is up to $5,000. Twenty-five urban grants are awarded annually.

Project Duration: Grants fund activities for twelve months from the date of the award.

Eligibility: Any NEA local affiliate of 500 members or more or which is the largest local NEA affiliate of any state regardless of membership number may apply. 



  September 30 (received)


  December 31

Interim Progress Report

  May 31

Final Project Report

  January 31


To apply for a grant by the September 30 deadline, download and complete the application that can be found here. After completing the application template, submit your application here. Applications will ONLY be accepted online this year as we move toward an online grants system.


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