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2018 NEA National Leadership Summit Session Downloads


Session Title

Breakout Session I Saturday, March 17, 8:15 – 9:45 PM


Making Black Lives Matter in Schools

Beyond the Rainbow: Supporting LGBTQ+ Students, Staff, and Exploring Intersectionality of Identity

Decolonizing the Classroom: Creating a Welcoming Learning Environment for American Indian Students

Courageous Conversation: Implicit Bias & Creating Culturally Relevant Learning Environments

Beating Back Vouchers: Case Studies in Success

360 Degrees of Advocacy: Taking Federal Advocacy to the Next Level
Handout #1 | Handout #2


Who Are You? An Association's Strategic Plan Begins With Its Mission

We've Planned Strategically; Now We Need to Fund the Plan

Let Data Help Make Your Job Easier (And How to Do It!)

Preventing and Detecting Fraud - Using Internal Controls to Protect Your Association's Assets


Members Outreach in the Digital Era

Workshop for Easy Web Page Creation for Your Classroom or Your Association

Storytelling for Impact
Handout #1 | Handout #2

Media Training 101: Using the Fourth Estate to Deliver Your Message

Governance and Leadership

Leadership and Empowerment: The Role of the Union Representative at the School Level

Are Your Governing Documents Actually Governing Your Organization?
Handout #1 | Handout #2

Creating Your All-Star Team

Leading Our Professions

Find Your Voice as an Activist for Public Education

Strengthening Teacher Voice: How to Get Teachers to the Table

Engaging Millennials 2.0

Cultivating Teacher Leadership: The Impact of Tacking Growth

Maintaining Challenging and/or Underrepresented/Minority Students in Advanced Curriculum Settings

Empowering Educators to Educate the Whole Child


Our Iowa Quarter is Worth MORE Than 25 Cents!

Active Leadership: In College and Your Career

Using Membership Data and Digital Tools to Build Local Capacity

Community Schools: An Educator and Community Led Movement

Imaginative Strategies to Win Immediate Victories for Time to Learn

Early Career Leaders: Our Journey and Plan to Engage Early Career Teachers in our Association

Breakout Session II Saturday, March 17, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM


Social Justice

Leading on Advocacy for Student Wellbeing

Incongruent Institutions: Examining the Role of Law Enforcement Officers in Schools

DACA and Undocumented Students, Faculty, and Staff: Solutions from the Left Coast

Alleviating Students' Fears and Anxiety of Family Deportation

Growing Our Movement: From Roots to Fruits


How to Read Financial Statements, Audits and Budgets Like a Pro

How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis to Support Strategic Decision Making & Planning

Creating Safe Schools for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students

Monitoring the Association's Strategic Budget to Assess the Association's Strategic Plan

How Data, Membership, and Organization Can Help Us All Work Together


Messaging the Issues: Changing Perspectives of Me/You or Us/Them into "We"

Mobilizing Networks: Digital Tools for Organizing

Many Voices, One Message: Message Training

Media Training 201: Taking Your Idea from Pitch to Print with PR Pros

Governance and Leadership

Building a TRUE Union Family

Leadership and Advocacy in the Trenches - Finding Your Voice and Creating Effective Teams

The Parlimentary Process: Running Effective Meetings and Facilitating Meaningful Conversations
Handout #1 | Handout #2 | Handout #3

Leading Our Professions

The Saint Paul Federation of Teachers Restorative Practices Story

So You Think You Know The Law?

My School, My Voice: Organizing Around ESSA

Professional Learning for Early Career Educators: NEA Early Career Learning Labs>

Professional Learning Plans to Grow Educational Leaders

Organizing Around National Board Certification


Bargaining for the Common Good: Working With and For the School Community

The Importance of a Building Representative

Mobilizing Members: How to Go From ‹10 to 100› Participants

Empowered ESP Professional Development Career Continuum

Protecting Our Pensions through Organizing, Member Engagement, and Action: A Round Table Discussion

Union Power after Janus: Organizing and Building the New Union

Breakout Session III Sunday, March 18, 8:30 – 10:00 AM


Implementing Restorative Practices Through Community, School and Union Partnerships

Charter Schools: Increasing Accountability and Community Control

Locals Leading Change: Stories of Restorative Justice Implementation

Theory of Change: Creating a Culture of Member Engagement of Political Advocacy & Activism

Think Global, Act Local: Movement-Building 101

School Vouchers from Milwaukee to DeVos: The Dangers of School Privatization and How to Fight Back


Fiduciary Responsibilities and Policies to Support the Ethical Culture of Your Association

Sound Fiscal Policies, Protocols and Procedures Equals A Fiscally Sound Association!

What Every Leader Needs to Know About Regulatory Filings and Recordkeeping Requirements


Communications for Organizing

The Puzzle of Teamwork - Connecting All the Pieces

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Say What?! Fundamentals of Great Public Speaking
Handout #1 | Handout #2

Engagement Strategies for Building Member Loyalty

Governance and Leadership

Leading While Green

Strengthening Our Association by Engaging and Empowering Early Career Educators
Handout #1 | Handout #2

Empowering Educators Through Partnerships & Collaboration
Handout #1 | Handout #2

Leading Our Professions

Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Exploring the What Works and Why

How to Develop and Disperse Micro-Credentials for Differentiated Professional Learning

Organizing Association Instructional Leaders to Lead on Equity

Instructional Leadership Corps - Educator-Led Professional Development

Empowered Cooperating Teachers to Transform Teacher Preparation

Empowering Teachers as Leaders and Learners: Leading Without Boundaries


Developing a Local Member Engagement Plan for Higher Ed

When the Community Speaks the Union Listens: HCEA's Community Outreach Campaign

The Fight for Power: Unions vs. the 1%

My School, My Voice--ESSA and Equity: Tools for Creating the Schools Our Students Deserve

Ohio's New Educators Organizing Around Ohio's Resident Educator Summative Assessment

An Organizing Program to Engage NEA Retirees in the Strategic Priorities of the Association