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Court Denies Most of Arizona’s Dangerous Immigration Law

Statement of NEA President Dennis Van Roekel

WASHINGTON - June 25, 2012 -

Today’s Supreme Court decision invalidating most of Arizona’s racial profiling, anti-immigrant law helps uphold our American values, and teaches our children the right lessons about democracy, inclusion, and non-discrimination.

“We do, however, remain concerned that the practical implication of the ‘show me your papers’ provision in the Arizona law, and similar copycat laws, will chill and deter immigrants from fully participating in all aspects of our society including enrolling their children in school. 

“We will be vigilant about monitoring the implementation of that provision so that teachers, bus drivers, and school secretaries—NEA members—are able to take comfort knowing that schools will be places of learning, not of fear.

“As educators, we are concerned about a potential slippery slope from policies such as Arizona’s law.  These discriminatory laws interfere with the culture of trust necessary for educators to build and sustain strong home-school connections, which we know are essential to students’ academic success.  Regardless of what the future holds, NEA will continue to work with our state affiliates and our administrative colleagues to fight to preserve these important relationships so that all children can get a great, high-quality public education.”

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