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Editor's Note - Save the Planet

I know you’re more accustomed to giving assignments than getting them from us. And I realize saving the planet is a tall order, but with Earth Day coming up on April 22, we have some relatively painless electives for you. Our cover story explores several things teachers and education support professionals alike can do to make our planet more livable—and many of them provide terrific teachable moments and opportunities to engage students.

Whatever your position on the science—or the rhetoric—around  global warming and the environment, I hope you’ll agree that taking better care of our planet is a good idea. And we hope you’ll visit and let us know how you’re coming with your homework. You’ll also find timely teaching tips at

From Alaska, one of the sites of the global warming debate, we explore another hot topic—distance learning. Don’t miss our salute to school districts that include members in decision-making, or our in-depth look at multitasking reprinted from NEA’s higher education journal Thought & Action. You might read it while working out, though preferably not while doing your taxes.

Editor Doug Walker

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