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Editor’s Note: The Money Trail

Back in 2006, I heard one of this country’s smartest public servants, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, relate her conversation with a major manufacturing CEO. When she asked what her state could do to ensure that the company continued to do business in Wichita, he didn’t demand tax cuts. He talked about the need for what amounts to intellectual infrastructure—good schools that attract skilled workers for the current workforce and provide the future workforce a world-class education.

Though complex, the topic of taxes and economic development and how they impact education funding is critical to our ability to serve our students, especially during a recession in which far more concern has been expressed for the well-being of brokers, bankers, and businesses than for young people who will inherit the bill for big corporate bailouts.

We explore the intersection of big business and public education in “Follow the Money."

On a brighter note, we hope either the upcoming change in Washington, the dawn of a new calendar year, or the fact that half the school year is behind us give you hope for a happy New Year.

Editor Doug Walker

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