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Like music? Then maybe you have an iPod, which topped the buying charts this past holiday season. One made its way to my house, and after a mere two days of reconfiguring my computer, I actually loaded a song onto it. Never (ever) have I been so happy to hear Hilary Duff. Or was it Lindsay Lohan? Yes, the iPod was from me, not to me.

We all have gift stories, and judging from how many of you have checked out NEA Today’s November piece “Gift-A-Rama” on the Web, educators have fabulous tales and love to share them. An impressive array of items—from treasured baby blankets to, well, mice skeletons—have been put under wraps over the years.

We’ve enjoyed the follow-up stories readers have sent in. Go to to tell us more and read what others have to say.

In fact, while you’re at, leave the holidays behind and think…Academy Awards. Or rather, who’ve been the best silver screen educators? Click here to cast your vote.

On, the Members and Educators area offers fun items like these, as well as more practical professional development resources and lesson plans. NEA Today will increasingly point you to the latest and greatest on the site. So stay tuned, and let us know what you as an educator would find most useful on the Web.

Executive Editor  Leona Hiraoka

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