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The Stories Behind the Stats

The numbers are staggering: 1 million students fail to graduate each year. But behind that statistic are real kids with real stories. Like Jenny, who left school when she became pregnant. Or Miguel, who lost everything in an apartment fire and went to work full-time to support his mother. Or Ian, who was nearly pulled from the band classes he loved because he was struggling in other subjects.

All three have something in common—caring educators who helped them stay in school. It’s part of the promise of public education, and the rewards for educators are equally inspiring. Twenty years ago, Sheri Green promised her kindergarten class she’d attend their high school graduation. She kept that promise a dozen years later, and every year since. Movita Utt helped a student struggling with family issues graduate, and ultimately gained a new member of her own family. NEA is backing an ambitious $10 billion program to keep kids in school, and dedicated educators are the heart and soul of that effort.

You can be, too.

Editor Mark Toner

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